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Design by the People and for the People


    The ability of flexible combination meets the requirement for individualized product design. The double stitch lines along the edges add some lively appeal, while the armrests give extra storage areas.

  • AMOR

    This compact sofa features a neat profile and double rear curves that provide a better and more comfortable support to shoulders and waist. The 30-degree corner helps create a lively room, filling every moment in life with happiness.

  • ELAN

    Leaning on the soft sofa is like being in a Chinese landscape painting, with a cup of fine tea on the side armrest.

    Both armrests and cushions feature curved shapes. It provides both thin and widened armrest editions, with the later serving as coffee table or storage area.

  • JANE

    Luxury is not something restricted to lofty homes, nor high taste to particular spaces. JANE sofa features neat lines and an elegant shape. It can be stretched gracefully even in limited spaces to convey the taste and life pursuit of owners.

    With a compact size and a delicate look, it fits the spatial requirements of modern living rooms.


    JANE SLIM, angular but not aggressive, is like a wise old friend, providing another perspective to see the world.

    The solid, neutral appearance delivers more business-oriented experience. The design of button-fastened integrated pads and cushions is an ideal choice of people who prefer a simple, fast-paced modern city life.


    AVALON features diversified fabrics and fashionable mix and match style. Down-filled cushions feel extremely warm and soft, while diamond-like trimmed edges of metal legs endow the product with sculptural beauty.


    As its name suggests, CLOUDS sofa features a graceful, oversized surface, extremely soft and comfortable, just like in the clouds. Consisting of a number of modules, the product allows flexible combination in line with user needs and room sizes.


    Round curves of the product looks quite like a crescent, so tranquil and so graceful. Cone-shaped legs integrate neo-classical and modern design elements, while narrow armrests and backrests allow maximum use of space available.


    Stereo lines and structure highlight sculpted quality. Grid-shaped appearance reveals symmetric beauty of high fashion. Casually arranged cushions of various sizes fit perfectly with the broad framework, delivering a sense of ultimate grace.


    Simple, neat, and slim, the product provides all the comfort you want, whether you are sitting or lying on it, with extra comfort and care on the waist brought by soft back cushions. As a whole, it highlights a modern lifestyle with extra ease.


    The product inherits the soft and cozy features of LAZYTIME series, but comes with a more compact size to cater to smaller rooms.


    The product is particularly appealing with its soft touch to allow complete relaxation both physically and mentally. There’s nothing better than a cozy moment after a busy day’s work.

  • CASA

    A classical sofa product from CAMERICH features a graceful, solid structure for convenient use. The comfortable pads and cushions bring a premium quality to life, as well as mental peace or meditation to owners. Lowered height helps provide a broader vision and enables a low-profile lifestyle.

  • ERA

    ERA sofa series are known for its extra care for details, including artistic stitches and thick, round pads and cushions. Elevated armrests feel so soft, just like in the arms of loved ones.


    Solid metal base framework, square armrests and cushions, and wooden parts, help differentiate the product from competitors.