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2011 09 16

CAMERICH Launches First Global Concept Show

SHANGHAI – On September 14th, 2011, CAMERICH, China’s top furniture brand, grandly launched its global concept show in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the very first one of its kind in the domestic furniture industry. At the same time, CAMERICH also organized its new products launch for Fall 2011 in JSWB Global Home Furnishings Center located in Qingpu District, Shanghai. These two events complementing each other highlighted CAMERICH’s strong design system and brand competitiveness. 

Several Concept Products Globally Debut 

CAMERICH cooperated with the well-known architecture design firm ZAO/standardarchitecture in presenting this global concept event by carrying on its brand concept of continuous innovation for constant exploration of futuristic furniture designs. 

Mr. Fu Haijun, General Manager of CAMERICH, said, “As a popular saying goes: ‘Run on a running machine, you will never go any further.’ It is also true for design. If lingering on the previous design, you will never make progress in design innovation. Since its establishment, CAMERICH has been constantly launching new products with innovative designs to truly meet consumers’ demands. This concept show will create more opportunities for CAMERICH in its future exploration of the international market.” 

“We want to contribute to the advancement of China’s design industry, and bring more innovative products to consumers as well. The cooperation with CAMERICH is a natural result of this purpose,” said Zhang Ke, Principle and Co-founder of ZAO/standardarchitecture. “Instead of following any stereotype style in design, our concerns lie in how to raise and then creatively solve the questions in the process of design. The interactive cooperation with CAMERICH is full of excitement, and is rational and prudent in the meantime.”

The concept booth of CAMERICH is for sure the most attractive star among all international high-end brands gathering in Hall W1 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, with its Folding House design inspired by consumers’ fantasy about furniture in their houses in the future, featuring good lighting and permeability with multi-scale spatial pattern and dynamic roof that expands the housing space.  

The concept furniture on display includes series of products, such as EDGY, DUNES, CLIPS, PHANTOM and CANDY FLOSS. Adhering to CAMERICH’S idea of innovation and using bold expressing approaches, they vividly display people’s imagination about future life and expectation about unpredictable adventures.

The design of these concept products is enormously rich in imagination. Take the series of CANDY FLOSS for instance, the thin chair legs as delicate as candy floss stick support the soft seat like in the clouds, bringing sweet and cozy feeling of home life for customers, and recalling their childhood naivety unconsciously. 

Another highlight of this concept show is the representation of emotional interchange between mankind and furniture. For example, the PHANTOM series, with their unrestricted smooth contour lines, looks like imitating the owner pondering silently at the corner of the house, or listening tenderly to his thinking, just like an old buddy whom the owner can share his or her feelings with. 

The advanced design concept advocated by CAMERICH is expected to redefine the image of Designed-in-China.

New Product Launch for Fall 2011

The new product launch for Fall 2011 was concurrently held at JSWB Global Home Furnishings Center located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, offering different enjoyment to consumers.

The new products carried on CAMERICH's unique HOME IDEA style with further improvement by attaching greater importance to the personalized needs of consumers. For example, most of sofa series adopts shallow and depth design and reduces the number of cushions at the same time, more suitable for the free, simple and amicable modern lifestyle. Abandoning sharp edge design, edges of tables are round and smooth, thus enhancing visual effect and meeting consumers’ safety demand for house items. 

The new products are also perfect combination of utility and aesthetics. For example, AUBURN sofa series have concise lines, delicate contour and tasteful shapes, clearly expressing the owner’s literary attainments and graceful temper, even in a space-limited room. Such separate elements as leather wrapped back table, side table and coffee table can be added or removed according to the actual needs.

The design of coffee table highlights conciseness and utility. For instance, the JEST series of coffee tables consist of three parts. By using different materials and the collision of cold and warm colors, it instantly lights up the house, fills your life with vibrant atmosphere, and offers abundant options for sofa. 

Ingenious ideas of space utilization are fully demonstrated in cabinet design. For example, in CHARADE series, the cabinet with L-shaped sliding doors (multi-functional storage cabinet) can hide the operating table or appliance, featuring both storage function and good privacy. With sliding doors, the cabinet is changed in structure, color and texture, rendering the low-key and simply shaped cabinet a rich variation. Thickened base and back board increase the cabinet’s weight and its overall steadiness. 

The design of tables concerns home safety for consumers in addition to the visual effect. For example, the SWERVE series tables, including dinning table and desk, all use round and smooth edge design without any sharp edge. In terms of visual effect, asymmetric right-angle trapezoid leg design can offer a varied visual experience. 

The chair series put a special emphasis on humanism. Take WILLOW series of armchair for example, the combination of its suspending solid wood armrest stretching out like a willow leaf and a thick and comfortable shape gives an amazing experience of sitting. The BREEZE series of chairs are a perfect match with the CHARADE table series. The BREEZE series advocates minimalism design with suspended soft leather seat by abandoning traditional surface fabrication process, thus achieving a breakthrough in product structure.
Today, people have an unprecedented need for simple but better quality life. Simplicity is a state of mind that you need to possess in order to deal with the world generously.

Fast Growth of CAMERICH 

As a young brand with great ambition and progressive spirit, CAMERICH has always been committed to offering innovative designs since its inception, never giving up the pursuit of its dreams.

The grand concept show and new product launch for Fall 0211 fully demonstrated CAMERICH’s strength in product design. The record-breaking CAMERICH is now more confident and unleashing its great vitality of brand while staying on its fast development track. Through the concept show and new product launch, CAMERICH will definitely set an example for China’s furniture industry and contribute to its sound and sustainable development.